Engage Your Customers With Contests

Everybody loves a contest, am I right? Or rather, everyone loves the possibility of winning something. That explains the obsession with the lottery!

Have you considered holding a contest for your business? It’s a great marketing tactic. Take Office Depot‘s current Show Us Your Seat Contest. By taking a photo of their ratty office chairs and telling the story of why they deserve to win, entrants have the chance to win a nice, new chair from La-Z-Boy.

Audi and Iron Man 2 paired up for the Innovation Lab contest, where the winner with the best innovative idea can win $15,000, a trip to California or a special Audi Sports Car experience.

Contests and Y our Business

Contests like these are designed to get people excited. The better the prize, the more the buzz. But how can you apply this concept to your business if your budget is limited? Think about what you can offer. Likely, our services or products are the most affordable thing you can offer (and tie in nicely to your marketing), but also consider attention-getters like the iPad, an iPhone or other fun tech device. You don’t have to offer $15,000 in prize money to get people’s attention!

Here are some more tips for making your contest a success:

  • Make it interactive. Include technology that allows people to share their entry or ask for votes on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make it simple. The fewer details you require, the more entrants you will have.
  • Promote it! A contest is a great piece of news. Write a press release, blog about it, ask others to blog about it and share on social media and email.
  • Set the rules. You may need to speak to your legal department or lawyer to see what restrictions you have in holding a contest. Make them clearly defined on your contest’s website.
  • Set a date. Don’t let your contest go into perpetuity. Set a start date and an end date, and clearly communicate these.

Does your business already have a contest? Share it here so we can enter!

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