Top 20 Sales Professionals on the Web

Lead411 has been in the sales game for almost 10 years now and prior to being CEO of Lead411 I was a sales professional myself. I have read numerous sales books and I continue to follow twitterers and bloggers on the web. All this being said, I feel I have the correct background to provide a quality list of the most well known sales professionals on the internet. The list has been taken for the most famous sales authors, bloggers, and/or twitterers that have that most followers. Please see below.

Art Sobczak
Cindy King
Craig Rosenberg
Dave Stein
Doyle Slayton
Eric Blumthal
Ian Brodie
Jeb Blount
Jeffrey Gitomer
Jill Konrath
Kevin Eikenberry
Mac McIntosh
Marc Benioff
Neil Rackham
Paul Castain
Peter O’Donoghue
S Anthony Iannarino
Shane Gibson
Tom Hopkins
Tom Ziglar

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