Cashierlive Interview

This interview was conducted with Tom Greenhaw, founder of Cashier Live. What does your company do?

There are lots of things a retailer needs to do in order to keep their store running. Ordering inventory, managing employees, ringing up sales, marketing to new customers, and a lot more are all done daily. Cashier Live provides retailers with an easy to use tool that helps them simplify all of those tasks.

Who are your competitors?We have a lot of competitors, and they come in all shapes and sizes. An example of a large competitor we have is Intuit and their Quickbooks POS product. But we also compete with old-fashioned cash registers, and store’s that are using one of those would get the biggest benefit out of using Cashier Live.

What marketing tactic has given you the highest ROI? What percentage ROI do you get back on this?

We use every marketing tactic in the book, ranging from old school direct mail all the way to social media outreach. Our highest ROI is without a doubt our social media initiatives. All we’ve invested is our time, and by engaging with prospective customers on Twitter and Facebook we’ve found success. Search engine optimization is a close second.

What percentage of your marketing budget are spent on the following?

Some very rough estimates:

  • Advertising – 50%
  • Social Media Marketing – 10%
  • SEO – 5%
  • PR – 10%
  • Direct Marketing – 20%
  • Other – 5%