Are You on Vator?

As reluctant as I am to trying new things, especially in social media, I’m hooked on Vator.

Let me quantify that statement: I am often reluctant to try social media channels other than Twitter and Facebook because if no one else is on them, I’m wasting my time.

If you haven’t checked out Vator, which is a social networking site for entrepreneurs and investors, I suggest you do it. What I like about this site:

  • You can post your own press releases, news and interviews
  • You can include videos
  • Investors are there, so you can browse profiles to find a good fit for your funding needs
  • It’s “grown up:” none of the Facebook silliness.

It’s also got a really good news site where you can get the latest on startups and funding that companies secure; everything from Groupon on down to the unheard of companies.

I confess, I’m following people but not sure the value that provides. I much prefer to follow companies I’m interested in, as well as investors that look for companies in tech. Many people don’t update their profiles, which is a bit useless when I spend the time to go to their pages. But overall, this is exactly what startups and entrepreneurs need to find likeminded business owners and investors who have money to spend!

To get the most out of your Vator profile, I suggest:

  • Updating your status 2-5 times a week
  • Post all company news (just apply to be a contributor under VatorNews)
  • Browse the competitions to see if your company is eligible to apply
  • Follow people in your industry as well as people you’ve met at trade shows
  • Read the news a few times a week to stay updated

About Susan Payton

Susan Payton is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, an Internet marketing firm specializing in marketing copy, blog and article writing. She is the blogger behind The Marketing Eggspert Blog, and also writes on Small Business Trends, Growth University and BizLaunch. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing. Susan Payton on Google+!