Glassdoor Receives $12M in Series C Funding

Glassdoor Inc., the company that owns and operates, an innovative online jobs and careers community, has successfully acquired $12 million in Series C funding. This was made possible with the help of Battery Ventures, as well  as their current investors Benchmark Capital and Sutter Hill Ventures.  Part of this new funding will be used for international expansion.

Their CEO and co-founder Robert Hohman answers some of our questions in this recent e-interview:

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

While there are other sites that offer career services or salary insights, is the only site that provides this level depth and breadth into jobs and companies.  Glassdoor offers significantly more qualitative information about what it’s like to work or interview for a specific job at a specific company as well as what a person may earn for that work. Think of Glassdoor as the TripAdvisor of jobs and workplaces that uses employee-generated content to provide a free inside look at companies from those who know best – employees.

What marketing tactic has given you the highest ROI?  What percentage ROI do you get back on this?

A combination of SEO, word-of-mouth and PR have been our most successful in terms of marketing ROI.

What do you plan to spend your new funding on?  Product development?  Marketing?

The additional capital is expected to be used to further accelerate the company’s growth, including international expansion, investing in more technology and data systems and hiring engineering, marketing and sales professionals.

If this is your first round of financing and you’re the CEO, how many hours did you put into working on getting your financing?  Was that taking up the most of your day?

n/a  – This is our third round of financing.

If you are the CEO, what are your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge Glassdoor faces is making sure we are responsive to the needs of the job seeker and employee. Our solution to remaining of value to this audience is simple – focus on listening to their questions and feedback on our site’s resources, on the job market and other employment influences. Our community and employees are the best guides in determining what we can do to grow and improve as well as what we can offer to help people make more informed decisions that impact their careers.

How many employees do you have?

30 employees

When were you founded?

We were founded in 2007, and we launched our beta version in June 2008.

Learn more about their recent funding achievement through this press release.

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