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If you’re a blog reader (and the fact that you’re reading this tells me you are), you probably have a handful of websites that you read religiously for all things startup, entrepreneur, small business, marketing, and social media. Am I right? Of course I am. Well, here is my list of fantastic sites and blogs that can always give you more great knowledge on these topics.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

This site’s got great articles on starting a business, news on small businesses, and company profiles.

Why I like it: The site design is clean and easy to navigate (you’d be surprised how many aren’t), and I always find great fodder for my posts.



Long a favorite for their magazine, Entrepreneur’s website is also a great resource. In addition to op-eds and how-tos, the site offers resources for small businesses, including its Tax Center, Resource Center, and Coaches Corner

Why I like it: Entrepreneur gets bonus points for its downloadable forms and other tools every entrepreneur needs. I’m all about the DIY.

Small Business Trends

This was probably the first blog I started reading five years ago. The site offers a wide variety of tips, from how to save water at your office to getting international business. They’ve got a stable full of talented small business experts (ahem, including yours truly). You can also submit your press releases on this site.

Why I like it: Didn’t I just say I write there? I would never write on a site I didn’t like. Plus founder Anita Campbell is truly a small business guru.


American Express Open Forum

I actually am not too familiar with this site, but like it for its variety from others. It offers forums, articles and member spotlights. I know some really Grade A experts in marketing, social media and small business contribute here.

Why I like it: It’s different from any other business site. I like it for its interactive components.

Co-founder and CEO of HubSpot writes this blog about, you guessed it, startups. He also wrote the book Inbound Marketing, which I thought was fantastic. The blog has a section where you can submit your questions about startups.

Why I like it: Shah’s not pushing his company’s agenda. He’s just writing about what he knows and loves.


What sites would you add to this list?

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