Lead411 Recognizes Hottest Companies In Seattle

Each month, Lead411 acknowledges trail-blazing technology companies that have registered a considerable increase in revenue, and have acquired new funding for the past two years.

The team diligently digs through press releases, business articles, company launches, new office openings, and more to find out which companies would qualify for an award.

This month, Lead411 launches is Hottest Companies in Seattle Awards, giving credit to privately-held companies in the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industries.

Qualifications include having 150% increase in revenues over the past 2 years and over $3M in revenues, or acquisition of over $3M in funding in the past 2 years.

The list of fast-growing companies in Seattle actually started with 1050, but was narrowed down to the Top 49.

You can find the list of awardees in Seattle here.

Congratulations to all the Hottest Companies in Seattle!

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