Scratching the Right Itch: Understanding Product Development

We’re in a quandary these days at Egg Marketing. We’re trying to figure out why clients insist on seeing instant growth with marketing, but when they don’t, they’re ready to stop marketing. Our typical response up front is that marketing takes time. Social media won’t net you overnight sales. It’s a snowball effect. It’s about building trust and creating conversations. And yet still they do not listen.


You know those companies you never see market their products? The 37Signals of the world? Those companies whose products fill a need, scratch an itch, so well they don’t really need to invest heavily in marketing and advertising? Well yours probably isn’t one of those. In fact, you might be scratching where there is no itch. I’m getting too metaphorical: my point is, if your product isn’t exactly the problem solver for a particular issue, all the marketing in the world might not do any good.

Likewise, if you’re not targeting the right people, you might fail too.

Before you even start marketing, spend time and money researching your audience and your product. Find out what problems people are having in your field. Conduct marketing tests to see if your product really does fill the need, or if it only plugs the dam for a little while.

  • Don’t get stuck on your product in its current state. Sure, you’ve spent money on developing it, but if it’s no good, that’s more money down the drain.
  • Take criticism. And listen to the market research.
  • Test again and again.
  • Try different market segments.
  • Don’t try to put the cart before the horse and start marketing before you’ve really nailed product development.

Your product probably could be like 37Signals with a little tweaking. Listen to your customers. After all, it’s their product.

About Susan Payton

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