GroupOn ‘Breaks Up’ With CP&B

AdAge recently reported Groupon’s separation with CP&B, an advertising agency known for its edgy creatives.  The latter was responsible for making Groupon’s controversial Super Bowl in-game ad which tackled the plight of Tibet. This ad starred actor Timothy Hutton.

Based on the article by AdAge, GroupOn‘s CEO Andrew Mason, in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek profile last week, mentioned that they may have trusted in CP&B too much  “to be edgy, informative and entertaining, and we turned off the part of our brain where we should have made our own decisions. We learned that you can’t rely on anyone else to control and maintain your own brand.”

Actor Timothy Hutton in one of the scenes of the Groupon Superbowl in-game ad. Source:

The company’s separation came in as a surprise, after Mason’s having defended CP&B  when the controversies rose about the SuperBowl ad they had created. According to AdAge though, there were some people who said that GroupOn’s contract with CP&B was actually only good until February 28.

Nonetheless, this proves to be another big blow for CP&B after Burger King, one of the agency’s biggest clients, has also decided to cut ties with them after having spent seven years together in building the brand.

When asked about the current situation with Groupon, AdAge got this response from CP&B’s CEO Andrew Keller: “We signed on with Groupon on a project basis and produced the work that we agreed upon. They are incredibly smart marketers, [we] felt privileged to work with them and look forward to their continued success.”

So does Groupon continue with their mass marketing efforts? The AdAge article got this comment from a Groupon spokesperson, “Groupon’s TV schedule has run its course and no further ads are planned.”

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