Get More Eyeballs with Creative Commons Photos

We all know how many words a picture speaks. So it should be no surprise that blog posts with photos get more attention. They’re pretty and fun to look at.  Compare these two blog posts (they’re both mine so I can point it out Smile)

no photo                photo blog

Hands down, the one that will get more attention is the one with the photo. It’s such a small thing to do, but adding a photo really enhances a blog post.

How to Add Photos the Ethical Way

Sure, you could just go to Google and grab whatever photo you find, but be aware that some (most) photos are not free to use, and are the property of the owner. So if you used a photo that wasn’t royalty free, you could get in trouble, or at the very least, piss someone off. Instead, look for royalty free or creative commons photos, which specify what you can use them for (usually on websites and blogs is fine).

Here are my favorite sites for free photos:

The key when using free photos is to credit the photographer. What I do is at the bottom of a post include:

Photo: Flickr user X. Creative Commons 2.0.

I link to the photo’s page and list the owner’s name. It’s as simple as that.

Finding Good Photos

If you’re writing a post, you may find it hard to find a photo that really illustrates your point. For business posts, StockXchng has some great stock photos of people shaking hands and sitting around a boardroom. Flickr photos tend to be a bit more creative, as most are from people’s personal collection. Think outside the box in terms of how to express your post. For example, the post above is about customer service (my frustrating experience with it). I typed in “frustrated” and found this awesome photo. Think about an emotion your post relates. If it’s about serenity, maybe a photo of a sunset on a beach would be appropriate.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun to find photos for your blog.

So include adding a photo to a blog post in your routine, and always, always use creative commons photos to ensure you give the photographer credit for a photo he’s willing to share.

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