Should You Buy Social Media Followers?

Just like when anything gets hot, an industry builds up around it. Not only are companies designing new tools to monitor social media sites, but now they’re even offering to get you more followers…for a fee. Is it a good idea to pay to be more popular? Let’s find out.

The Lowdown

Type in “buying social media followers” and you’ll come up with all kinds of companies offering to make you more popular on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Question is: who are these followers? Are they even worth buying? For a fee, a company will guarantee you X number of new followers (always in the thousands). They tout it as saving you the time and money it would take to get these followers organically. But I’m skeptical.

Why I Say No

As they say, if it seems to good to be true, well, you know the rest. If you really think by spending $500 to get 5,000 new followers will result in 5,000 new clicks to your website or sales, you’ve got another thing coming. Some accounts are set up to automatically follow anyone who follows them. And I think others are just in on the scam. A follower does not equal a customer.

Let me say that again: A follower does not equal a customer.

What I mean by that is: if you sell pet food, the company promising you new followers can’t guarantee you 5,000 new dog loving followers. Maybe they set up a search for people who mention dogs, but let’s be honest: there’s a lot you can mean if you’re tweeting about dogs, and it’s not always about ownership. With 80% of Twitter users inactive, they’re probably not even around to read your tweets, let alone care. And the rest simply aren’t guaranteed to be targeted to your demographic.

DIY for Best Results

Sorry to disappoint you, but my conclusion is that if you pay to get more followers, you’re throwing your money down the drain. It’s better to have fewer followers (people who actually are interested enough in you to click that “follow” button) who actively interact with your social media profiles than a million who never ever read your tweets or click your links. It’s quality, not quantity.

Create a strategy to build your following. Spend 10 minutes a day finding new people to follow, and following back those that follow you. It does take time, but you’ll be more intimately connected with your social network than if you paid to have it done.

About Susan Payton

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