10 Tips for Title Tags

Title tags, those brief descriptions that appear when you search for something on Google or other search engine, can help more customers find your website. Even if you think you’re SEO-illiterate, you can write title tags that search engines love.

1. Use Your Keywords. The “key” to great title tags is using keywords. Use resources like Wordtracker’s Keyword tool to find out which keywords that relate to your products or services are being searched for. Make a list of them and keep handy when writing title tags.

2. Give ‘Em a Title

Each page of your site should have a title (this will appear as the link to click on Google). Use one to two keywords in the title, and focus on what the page is about (“Blog Tips for Entrepreneurs.”)

3. Write a Brief Description.

In a few sentences (no more than three) write what this page is about. Use keywords in your copy, and make sure it reads naturally.

4. Don’t Overstuff

Just like turkey, you can only get so much stuffing in. Make sure you use your keywords in a natural manner so that your copy doesn’t sound odd. Google knows better.

5. Include Your Brand

If your brand name is recognizable enough, include it in your title and/or description. This can help people looking specifically for your site to find you.

6. Stay in Your Limits

Much as you’d like to write a page of tags, keep your title and description shortish.¬† Only about 70 characters will be displayed from your title, so keep it within these parameters.

7. Make Each Page Unique

Don’t copy tags from one page to another. Use your list of keywords to make each page’s title tags unique.

8. Keep URLs Keyword Friendly

Avoid urls like yoursite.com/#%%dfier and use keywords to identify each page (yoursite.com/internet-marketing). This helps boost you in search results.

9. Move Keywords to the Front

Try to use keywords at the front of your title and your description for better SEO results.

10. Use SEO-Easy Tools

Most content management systems now have title tag options built in. Search around in your tools to find and update them.

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