Must-Have Resources for Startups

In this economy, startups need all the help they can get. I’ve compiled a list of people, blogs and incubators you should familiarize yourself with if you’re serious about success.

Entering startup

Paul Graham

If you have a startup, you need to know Paul Graham’s name. He’s the founder of Y Combinator (see below) and an all around super-smart guy about startups. Read his essays and Tweets to get smarter in your space.

Y Combinator

This is Paul Graham’s incubator, which has become famous in its role in helping startups like AirBandB, Reddit and Wufoo skyrocket to success. Y Combinator is a three-month program in the Bay area that teaches startup founders what they need to succeed. But the best part is probably the contacts it brings you. Completing the program is tantamount to graduating from Harvard.

The Founder Institute

If you don’t live in the Bay area or don’t want to spend three months there, see if your city has a class of the Founder Institute. It too is an incubator, and a tough one at that. Trust me: my husband recently graduated from the program. Note: if you have a full-time job, you likely will not have the time and energy to devote to this program. I’m just saying.

Inc’s Startup Page

I love Inc. Magazine, and its Startup articles are noteworthy. Get advice on funding and finance as well as general practical small business advice.


If your startup is in tech, VentureBeat is a necessity to read. Even if it’s not a tech company, read this site for the latest news in startups.


Another great tech startup site is TechCrunch. Even better is the site’s CrunchBase, which is like LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter for startups and venture capitalists. Here, you can keep up with who’s funding whom.

What resources do you rely on for startup news and help?

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