5 Mobile Sales Apps That Beef Up Your Game

If you’re in sales, you may not be in your office very frequently. You may work out of your car, and in days gone by, that meant not getting much done. But with the advent of useful business applications for the mobile device, selling is that much sweeter.

1. Pages

This Apple product allows you to edit and display documents on the iPad and iPhone. I envision using it to display a proposal or sales data in a meeting (using the iPad, in that case). It saves trees and looks pretty. Plus, you never have the excuse of having left your paperwork back in the office; you can access anything via the cloud.

Bonus: The program comes with templates for appealing letters, reports, flyers and posters.

Cost: $9.99

2. Hoover’s Near Here

I love seeing something besides CRM apps in the sales category. Hoover’s, known for its detailed data that helps you find qualified leads, has a geolocation application that lets you search leads in your area when traveling, and provides details to help you whittle them down to those that qualify. It’s currently available for the iPad and iPhone.

Bonus: You can search by industry and find businesses that meet your exact qualifications in seconds.

Cost: Free

3. Roambi

If reports and data are part of your sales game, Roambi can make them more appealing and useful. A plain PDF becomes an interactive graph on your iPad or iPhone. You can change data the last minute before giving a presentation without making two dozen new copies.

Bonus: You can easily share any report, so at the end of the meeting, the same chart you presented can be waiting in your client’s inbox.

Cost: Free

4. Keynote

I think even the term “PowerPoint” is becoming archaic these days. But we still need sleek presentations. For iPad (and iPhone) users, you can tap and drag your way to creating professional presentations with Apple’s Keynote. You can share or print wirelessly, if you’ve got one of those clients who insists on holding a copy of the presentation in his hand.

Bonus:  You can easily hook up your iPad to a projector and view your presentation directly.

Cost: $9.99

5. Work Etc.

No sales app list would be complete without the requisite CRM app. Work Etc. has some fine features. You can manage your contacts and track leads, communicate with clients about projects, and invoice them at the end of the project, all from your Android or Apple device (finally! One that’s available for Android!).

Bonus: You can even track your time worked from your phone, which helps if you’re on the go on behalf of a client.

Cost: The apps are free, but you need a Work Etc. plan, which starts at $39 a month.

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