Understanding Your Clients’ Buying Personalities

I’m reading The Effortless Yes by Julie Steelman, and am getting a lot out of the book about how to tailor my sales strategy.

I found it interesting that she categorizes customers to have one of three buying personalities. I can definitely see each of my clients fitting into one of these categories.

1. The Crystal Clear Buyer

Oh, we love the Crystal Clear Buyer. She knows exactly what she wants and makes the decision to purchase quickly and efficiently. They ask the right questions and respond to you providing answers. When they’re ready to buy, the process is fairly painless. We want more of these!

How to Work with a Crystal Clear Buyer

The best thing you can do in talking to one of these people is to exude confidence, says Steelman. Explain the benefit of working together, and be enthusiastic about working together. Create a dialogue, and don’t do all the talking.

2. The Ruminating Buyer

Less objective than the first personality, the Ruminating Buyer may think he knows what he needs, but is unsure how to explain it to  you. The decision-making process may take longer, and emotions may get in the way. The Ruminating Buyer may be a rollercoaster of emotions, and may drag the decision out too long, unable to trust himself to make the right choice. While this personality may take more effort to wrangle in in the beginning, he may end up being your best customer due to his tremendous loyalty.

How to Work with a Ruminating Buyer

Patience is indeed a virtue. Ruminating Buyers require a bit of hand-holding, and enjoy being walked through your process. Ask lots of questions and ask for clarification on anything he’s ambiguous about. Be sympathetic to his emotional responses.

3. The Indecisive Buyer

The Indecisive Buyer is slow to make decisions, and may be less responsive to your approach than the other types. She is reluctant to make decisions, and it’s up to you to lead her to a conclusion on the sale. You may get frustrated with the absolute lack of movement in the buying process, so take the reins and close the deal one way or another.

How to Work with an Indecisive Buyer

Help the Buyer envision how working with you will improve her life, and to see the benefits. Probe to really understand what she wants, and create a sense of urgency.

Can you see these personalities in the people you work with? Hopefully identifying their traits will help you next time better handle a sales pitch.  Check out The Effortless Yes  for more great tips!

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