Author! Author! (Is That You?)

A surprising number of business owners and founders are also authors. It makes sense, really. Books are great trust builders. After all, when you read a great business book, you trust the author a bit. If he sells something, you’re that much more likely to buy from him. So why not write a book? Even if you’re not a great writer, there could be a book (or two) in your future.

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Your Options for Writing (or Not)

Yes, I said you don’t have to be a great writer. Or even a good one. There’s a little thing called ghostwriting that lets a talented writer draft a book using your information. You’d be surprised how well we ghostwriters can capture your voice. You couldn’t have said it better yourself. I know. And while, yes, you have to pay a ghostwriter, it’s well worth it, as you’ll recoup the expenses through both your book sales and increased visibility for your brand.

If you enjoy writing, by all means, give it a go. Especially if you blog; you likely have a lot to say on your industry, and it’ll be great in a book.

Self Publish vs. Traditional

Today the question is: should I self-publish or pitch a traditional publishing house? There’s pros and cons to both:


  • You control printing (usually through a 3rd party printer who works on demand)
  • You get all the profit
  • Opportunity to experiment with different platforms and marketing
  • Hard



  • Publisher handles all printing processes and costs
  • You get smallish royalties per book sale
  • You possibly get a royalty fee up front
  • They do some marketing; it’s still up to you
  • You may be required to follow their formatting or procedures
  • Hard to get in; everyone wants to publish a book!

I learned with my two small publishing house experiences that either route you take, you’re responsible for your own marketing. Consider what your goal is: do you want to get on Bestseller Lists and make a lot of money (hold your breath) or do you want to use it to expand your reach and help market your brand? Either route you take, it’s great to say you’re an author!

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