Evidon’s Tightening the Reins on Digital Advertising

We’ve got the FDA to regulate our food products. The CAN-SPAM act to make sure business don’t spam us via email. Why aren’t we paying more attention to digital advertising? Evidon, a leading provider of privacy and compliance solutions for digital media, provides strategy and technology to help leading brands, agencies, publishers, and solutions providers comply easily with privacy law and self-regulatory “Ad Choices” programs across North America and Europe.

What that means in a nutshell is that online advertising is becoming regulated. Advertisers have to advertise the truth (remember the days when cigarettes were promoted to have health benefits?), and consumers get transparency into and control over how their information is used online.

Evidon helps companies by educating them on the latest regulatory developments, as well as their compliance standings in different countries, which vary in strictness.

Adoption = Growth

Evidon is one of our Tech 200 finalists this year, and for good reason: the company had a 2,900% growth from 2008 to 2010, with just 25 employees doing the work. CEO Scott Meyer attributes this fast growth to the fact that more and more brands, agencies, and networks have adopted Evidon’s InForm as a means for serving in-ad and website notice. The small icon may be found on digital ads or websites, and by clicking it, consumers can find out more about the company and how it uses their information.

While Evidon has a few competitors, none offer the breadth and scope of compliance solutions that it does. The company is quickly expanding throughout the US and European Union, and plans to continue to do so.  Meyer says Evidon also plans “to continue to provide best-practice systems and guidance that make it much easier for companies to comply with various regulations (existing and emerging) around the world, and that help them improve security and performance across their sites, so that they can protect and grow their businesses. As these programs become more ubiquitous across the internet, and more consumers see and engage with the AdChoices icons, a new level of trust should emerge across the online community.”

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