Rehab Tips for the Social Media Addict

Do you leave your phone by your bed to check tweets late at night? Do you update your Facebook status while on a date? Do you surf Google + while watching TV? Does your spouse have to tweet you to get your attention? If you answered yes to these questions, I’m sorry to inform you, but you are a social media addict. Fortunately, there is treatment, if you are willing to work at it. (If you’re still not sure, take this quiz to find out:)


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Step 1: Limit Your Time Online

Like with any addiction, if you remove the temptation, it’s easier to live without your social networks. In response to this exact problem, there are now tools that block you from using the internet or specified sites. Freedom will lock you out of the internet for the time you specify, so you can get work done offline. LeechBlock, an add-on for Mozilla lets you block the sites that are taking away all your time, like Facebook or Twitter.

Step 2: Remove Social Media Apps from Your Phone

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a similar app for the phone, so staying away from social media through your mobile is a bit harder. You can uninstall it completely, or try to use some restraint and just use it during certain hours.

Step 3: Work Up to a Social Media Free Day

Take baby steps on this one. Start by not checking your social sites for an hour, then two, and so on, until you get to a whole day. Congratulate yourself when you get to this point!

Step 4: Leave the House without Technology

If you carry your phone and tablet like a security blanket, try leaving the house one day without them. Take a walk in the park (yes, without sharing the fact on Facebook). Have lunch with a friend (you’ll find her more receptive if you’re not tweeting about the spinach between her teeth). Enjoy life untethered.

Step 5: Take a Tech-Free Vacation

This is an advanced tactic. Go on a vacation with nothing more sophisticated than a couple of books. I guarantee after the addict shakes stop, you’ll forget why tweeting was so important to you. Best of all, you’ll enjoy your family and your time.

New Year’s is coming up. Maybe you should consider resolving to give up some of your social media mayhem in 2012? Just a suggestion!

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