How to Game the Crap out of Google using SPYW

I just read Danny Sullivan’s crappy results post. I was working on similar post last night. Anyway, if he thinks his results are bad take a look at mine…

I am not friends with MG Siegler nor am I connected to him in anyway on Google+, but when I search for any random word that he has mentioned in his status updates or posts in G+, he is within my top 5 results.

Again, MG Sielger is not in my circles nor am I in his.

These are the most irrelevant results I have ever seen in Google. Also, I am sure SEOs are off to the races to fill up their circles to fill up your search results. :)

Anyway, the Evil/Antitrust debate has been overly discussed and to be honest, I don’t care. But I will say this, the more Google+ is promoted anywhere on pages & results, the worse it is going to get for them.

#1. Thousands of websites depend on Google to get business and pageviews. As Google increases google properties’ search rankings and push down other websites, the more anger these companies will have. We aren’t just talking about one company(Netscape) we are talking about thousands of companies that absolutely depend on Google for their survival. Expect a major backlash. And just because Google is free does not mean that they can’t use their dominant power to be anti-competitive, so don’t expect that to be a useful defense.

#2. Google’s result quality has been fading fast and this most recent change has made it much worse imo. If my results are this bad now, how much worse is this going to get as they continue to push their own content? When quality gets bad people will move to better sites. I switched to Bing months ago and even if I didn’t, I know how to shut off the G+ results within the results so that doesn’t really matter to me. However, if you were to ask 90% of the people outside of the tech community how to shut off personal results they would probably ask, “What are personal results?” If the serps continue to slide like they have been, expect them to lose a lot of market share. Which could be good. It would be great to have a new search engine that uses Google’s original philosophies.