Are You SURE You Want to Start a Business??

Many people daydream of breaking free of the 9 to 5 to “be their own bosses.” But is entrepreneurship as glamorous as all that? If you think running a small business means leisure time and big paychecks, think again. There are few things as difficult as getting a business off the ground, let alone running it long-term. Read my 10 reasons you don’t want to start a business, and if you don’t run off screaming, keep reading this post.

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How Can I Be Sure?

My advice to you is to read and do as much research as possible before you dive in to a new business idea (and burn the bridge to your comfortable day job). A few books that will help you ask yourself the right questions are The Entrepreneur Equation and Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership. Rather than sugarcoating entrepreneurship, both books take a hard look at what is really required day to day.

Read blogs. Read forum posts. There are small business owners asking questions and venting frustrations all over the ‘Net. You can learn from them, either giving you more ammunition to go into a small business, or warding you off from a potentially life-changing mistake. Focus and Quora are great sites for seeing experts answer questions you may have wondered about.

Talk to other entrepreneurs. Especially in the current economic state, you’ll get a more realistic and less sunshiney view of what it’s like, struggling to pay employees and vendors. Look on to find groups of business owners who meet in your town.

Ask yourself your motivation. Why do you really want to own a business? Is it for the glory? The money? The freedom? Wanting to get away from a horrible boss? Understanding your motivations can help you determine whether you have the conviction and dedication to weather the process.

What Next

I realize I’ve blogged a lot, warning you about starting a new business. I don’t mean to be doom and gloom, but the simple fact is: a lot of people get into business ownership for the wrong reasons. They find out the hard way that they’re not cut out for it, after wasting time and money on the attempt. The best thing you can do is to do your homework ad prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. After that, use this checklist to get started with your business, if you decide to forge ahead.

I wish you luck! For those that are cut out for it, entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding things you can do!

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