Lead411 Releases Hottest Companies in New York List for 2012

February starts off with a lot of appreciation for New York’s most innovative technology businesses as Lead411 awards the “Hottest Companies in New York City”.

Tom Blue, Lead411’s CEO, shares this about the most recent awards, “This is our 3rd Annual New York City award. We are pleased with the recognition the Award has received over the past few years, and we are very proud of the respected list of companies for the 2012 winners.”

The New York set of companies for this particular awards is a product of the Lead411 team’s industriously going through more than 600 business articles, customer press releases, company launches, etc.

There was originally 2200 on the list, and the final awardees were condensed to the top 73 companies.

In order to qualify, the company must be a privately-held organization that is part of the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industries. It must also have either 100% increase in revenues or more than $5M in funding for the past couple of years.

ContextWeb Inc., Legolas Media, and Tumblr Inc. are just a few of the Hottest Companies in New York. Interested to know what other companies succeeded in making it to the list? You can view it here.

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