What Pinterest Does For Your Startup

If you’re wondering what all the buzz is Pinterest, the newest social media platform that shares visual images, it may be worth checking out, depending on what type of business you have. Essentially, users share appealing images by “pinning” them to their profiles. Their followers can see these images and repin them if they’d like. You’ll find everything from clothing to food on Pinterest. But why would a business care?

The Numbers

Pinterest has 1.36 million users a day. The average time spent on the site is 15.8 minutes. That’s huge, in an era where it’s hard to get consumers’ attention for more than a few seconds online. Brands like ModCloth, Whole Foods and West Elm are already having great success in using the platform to drive traffic to their websites. How? By sharing images that link back to their sites. Here’s an example:

ModCloth uses its profile to share clothing that it sells on its site, including a link to the original item. Others who are fans of ModCloth can also pin the item, helping it spread like wildfire. But ModCloth (and Pinterest in general) is not all about self-promotion. The clothing company also pins clothing from other sites, as well as informative photos on hairstyles and manicures. Essentially, the company uses Pinterest to provide visual images that appeal to its customers.

Is It The Right Fit for Your Brand?

It’s harder to market business services through Pinterest, though it can be done, especially if there are visuals associated with what you do. For example, if you’re a product packaging designer or website designer, you can share photos or images of your work. The more visual your startup or business, the better it will do on Pinterest.

If you do decide to see if Pinterest can help drive traffic to your site, remember to expand beyond just your product offerings. Create boards that are visually appealing, and that target your demographic. For example, a hotel might include Travel Photography as a board, and collect great images there. Or a pet food company might create one called Pets in Costumes to create some humor. And remember: the more followers, the better to share your photos with! Work to connect with more people on Pinterest to grow your brand.

Is It Working?

Track your analytics to see what traffic is coming in through Pinterest to see if it’s doing its job. Many companies are seeing a steady increase in traffic thanks to Pinterest, so if you’re properly targeting your audience, you should see one too!

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