When Your Blogging Well Runs Dry

If you’re writing a company or professional blog, the idea of writing on your industry into perpetuity may be daunting.  How can you possibly continue to come up with relevant articles every few days? Maybe you’ve exhausted every resource you can think of and don’t know what to write about next.

If you’ve got writer’s block because you worry you don’t have anything interesting to say, don’t. Marcus Sheridan says writing interesting things is overrated. Instead, focus on solving problems and delivering value through your writing. It gets easier from there.

1. Find Inspiration in Unusual Places

I find the longer I sit at my computer, trying to come up with blog topics, the harder it is. But when I’m running errands, watching television or reading a magazine, ideas pour in. Be open to where inspiration will hit. If you think you won’t be able to remember your amazing blog topic ideas, keep a notebook (or notepad app on your phone) handy so you can record them wherever you are. Here are some places you might find inspiration for your next post:

  • Reading industry websites or magazines
  • Reading completely unrelated media
  • Life!
  • Talking to family and friends (great for drawing parallels and telling stories)
  • Reading other blogs
  • Seeing what people are saying on Twitter and Facebook
  • Walking
  • Running errands
  • Attending conferences

I like the ones that are the least related to what I write about, as they are always pleasant surprises when they inspire me to write. My son, for example, has come in as part of my storytelling more than once.

2. Keep a List of Topics

When you’re on a creative streak, go with it. Create a spreadsheet with topic ideas that you can refer to whenever the well is dry. Even if you don’t have time to blog at the moment, just type in your ideas and come back to them when you do have time.

3. Get More Writers

The truth is, sometimes a blog can get stagnant because you’ve lost your passion for it. If you have a company blog, there’s no reason you have to be the only voice on it. Invite other team members, or even hire an outside blogger, and divide the work. If you’re the CEO, perhaps you can provide weekly commentary on the industry, while your other writer(s) can talk about topics your customers care about. Having multiple voices can liven up your blog and provide diverse topics.

4. Take a Break

When I go on vacation, I’m always refreshed and ready to jump back in the blogging saddle when I return. Sometimes you simply need a break to have fresh eyes to see what your blog needs!

What tips do you have for coming up with blog topics?

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