Triptrotting Adds On to Its Funding, Now Has $1.5M Total

Triptrotting will be looking at further growth and development for the next half of 2012, as they have recently boosted their funding to $1.5 million worth.

This round of financing was participated in by individual angel investors as well as Google Ventures, Golden Seeds,  Idealab, LaunchpadLA, 500 Startups, and WI Harper Group.  The company’s co-founder and co-CEO Shana Zheng shares more about this recent success and the company in this e-interview with Lead411:

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

We get compared to Couchsurfing often and other travel websites. However, we find that our community and how we match people based on common interests to be a big differentiator. We also curate high quality activities worldwide so the community can get a chance to meet others through activities as well.
What percentage of your marketing budget are spent on the following?

Not at liberty to disclose.

What marketing tactic has given you the highest ROI? What percentage ROI do you get back on this?

The best marketing tactic is word of mouth really. You have to provide a real service and a good service for people to want to talk about you. Ultimately it’s the persona referrals that really give us the best and most sticky marketing.

What do you plan to spend your new funding on? Product development? Marketing?

We will focus on product development and continuing to build our community.

If this is your first round of financing and you’re the CEO, how many hours did you put into working on getting your financing? Was that taking up the most of your day?

Fundraising is time-consuming, but because there are two of us (Aigerim Shorman & Shana Zheng), we were able to balance it pretty well. Initial fundraising for most companies is a few months process.

If you are the CEO, what are your biggest challenges?

There are many challenges and each one has it’s priorities so it’s hard to have the “biggest” challenge. Some of these challenges include user acquisition, product development and community building.
How many employees do you have?

10 people in the office and more than 50 internationally on the local advisors team.

When were you founded?

Officially, end of 2010.

How much did your revenue increase(if any) this year over last year?

Not at liberty to disclose.

Want to read more about their recent funding? You can read on this news article here.

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