Book Review: Social Media Marketing for Dummies

If you’ve read one book about social media marketing, you’ve read them all, right? Not so. Trust me. Because I read a lot of books about using tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn for marketing. The ones I don’t like cover high concepts and don’t dig into the how-to, the nitty gritty.

But Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies by Phyllis Khare is one that does break it down for you. In the book, Khare explains how each of these tools (as well as geolocation tools, which don’t get nearly enough attention in other books) help small businesses, and then she explains how to use them. In the style of the other “for Dummies” books, you certainly don’t need to be a Dummy to get something out of this book.

Bits, Blurbs and Sidebars

This book is an easy read, but what makes it all the more fun to read are the callouts on each page. She’s got social media definitions, tips for more advanced users and links to check out. I kept my computer nearby while reading it so I could go to her suggested sites.

Khare’s Advice

It can be overwhelming to delve into a given social media tool and really learn the ins and outs. I recommend taking one of Khare’s chapters at a time and learning everything she offers. Use her organization strategies (Lesson 2) to stay on top of your social updates, and then see what results you’re getting with your social media efforts (Lesson 8).

You can also use the accompanying CD-ROM and the online course to accompany your learning, which is a fantastic added bonus.

Users of Every Level

I “do” social media for a living. I know a lot about it. But I found great tips that I’d never explored (for me, that’s YouTube), and that’s why this book is great for people at every level of social media expertise (or lack thereof): from complete beginners to seasoned pros. I bet if you read it as a beginner then come back in a few months, you’ll get even more out of it.

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