5 Benefits to Your Business Celebrating Halloween

If you’re like many small businesses, Halloween is just another day. But injecting a bit of holiday fun in your office or store can have many positive results, both internally and with customers. Whether you go all out and wear Halloween costumes to work or simply decorate your space to attract customers, an ounce of “eek” can go a long way.

1. It Makes You Look Fun

Who can resist an appealing display of pumpkins and ghouls? By embracing the fall holiday, you can build rapport with your customers. After all, being helped by someone in an Angry Birds costume is guaranteed to evoke a response!

Even if you’re normally a very straightlaced company, letting your hair down (or wearing a green wig) for Halloween is a great way to show the personality of your brand.

2. Candy is Tax-Deductible

But only if YOU don’t eat it! Any candy you pass out to customers to promote your brand can be written off. Likewise, if you hold a Halloween party for your customers, that’s a tax writeoff as well. As long as your expenses are for your customers and not your staff, you qualify for a tiny tax relief.

3. You Can Drive More Traffic

Halloween-themed promotions and decorations are traffic drivers. Whether you simply have standard sales with ghosts and goblins peeking out of corners or offer a deal tied in with the holiday (bring in your leftover Halloween candy for 25% off a purchase), you’ll see an uptick in sales, especially with mothers and children.

4. It Gets You Out of the Daily Grind

There’s something magical about coming to work dressed as a witch or Wonder Woman. Employees may bond over costumes, which is always great for overall morale. You could hold an employee costume contest and give a prize to the most creative costume. Be sure to post pictures to your company’s Facebook or Instagram page to make your online fans feel a part of the fun!

5. It Can Introduce New Customers to Your Brand

Participate in a community trick-or-treat night and people who never knew about your location will find you. And they’ll be back to buy. Any opportunity you have to connect with new customers, take it. Halloween is a community-driven event, so you’ll find ways to engage with potential customers that doesn’t revolve around a transaction, and that in turn will help them start to trust your brand.

If you enjoyed celebrating Halloween in your company, just wait! There are even more great opportunities to use holidays to market your business in the months ahead.

Photo: Wxmom on Flickr

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