Lead411 Reveals List of Hottest Companies in DC

Lead411begins the second quarter of the year with a lot of excitement for DC, as the company announces the list of Hottest Companies in the DC area.

As part of the Lead411 teams daily tasks, they go through more than 600 pages of press releases, as well as venture capital funding news, business articles, and more. This particular list originated from a total of 389 organizations/companies, and has been minimized to the top 24.

In order to qualify as part of the list, a private company/organization must first be located in the DC area, and must also be part of the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industries. A company must have also earned 100% increase in revenues over the past 2 years or have gained more than $1M in funding in the same timeframe.

Razorsight Corp., TRX Systems, Portal Solutions LLC all made it to the list of Hottest Companies in DC. Want to know who else did make it? You check the full list here.

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