Two Accolades for Lead411 Last Week!

bestof2015-highestrated-150x150newbestof-salesintell-150x150 In the past year we have made a ton of improvements. We have been working really hard with you to figure out what you need and how we can step our game. Because of this we have seen a HUGE increase in customer satisfaction and that is reflected in our ratings inside G2Crowd. Last Friday we were notified that we were in the Top 3 of all Sales Intelligence platforms in terms of customer satisfaction in their Best of 2015 User Choice Lists.

In addition, G2Crowd also asks specific questions to any user that is being surveyed across all of the 13,000+ products they track. One of those questions is “How easy is the solution to setup?” – For that particular question we were ranked in the Top 10 of all the 13,000+ products. We are very proud of this as one of our goals is to make it really really easy for people to consume our intel and data. We know that all the intel can be information overload so we want to make it simple to use so they get a quick ROI.

Finally we would like to say thank you to all of our loyal customers AND we want them to know that we are making a commitment to be on top of more of these User Choice lists next year. Our goal is to make you succeed so we are working our *ss off to try and get better leads and better deliverability for you. Here is to a prosperous 2016!

G2Crowd’s User Choice Lists 2015

Check out our new eBook with Jill Konrath

jill konrath

jill konrath

After talking with Jill Konrath recently I realized we needed to boil down EXACTLY what we provide. There are a number of features and data points that make us different which is great, but what does that GIVE our clients? What are the real benefits?

Jill mentioned something “sales context” which I was drawn to and then that was morphed into “Intelligent Conversations.” We ultimately agreed that Lead411 was providing our customers the ability to really understand their prospect’s needs and wants. Understanding those needs help them talk intelligently to their prospects and helps them focus on what really matters to them. “According to Forrester Research, executives state that 86% of the salespeople who called on them weren’t prepared to have an intelligent conversation on their initial meetings.”

Because Jill is an award-winning author we asked if she would write an eBook based on this subject. We now have this book available via a download on our home page. It is beyond awesome. Please check it out when you can!!

Download eBook here

SugarCRM + Linkedin + Lead411 + Integration

Sales and marketing is not just about leads, contacts and more revenues. It is also about speed. How fast can I get data from here to there. This year we have grown our customer base by 50+%. Some of these customers are more sophisticated than our previous customers and they are asking for more developed features.

One thing we have been regularly asked about are integrations. How can we get the Lead411 data, emails and contact information into our CRM or other sales automation tools with little amounts of work? We recently integrated with a ton of new tools and we also have created a new chrome extension that can pull data from different web pages… a company’s website, linkedin, etc. On top of that we can we verify work emails using different methods. This new plugin works as a connector to all of the different programs and data that is available on the web… Please see our video below.

Be sure to take advantage of our People/Company API!


Lead411′s Company Search API

Our People and Company API is not something we actively promote, but more and more people buying our service just for the API. It particularly helps with your inbound leads and lead scoring. Let’s say you have a new lead that comes into Salesforce or into your marketing automation SaaS. Use their email address to call our API and find out more information about the person and the company. What is this person’s phone number? Which technologies do they use? How big is the organization? All of this info is included. You can also search by domain or specific technology.

If you are Enterprise user you can start using it today with unlimited calls – Request API Access on this page –

Lead 411 Product Update: We have quadrupled our Database!

In the past few months our team has been working so hard to improve our data and features for you.

Grown by 4X!
You now have 4x as many contacts at your disposal… 14M contacts total. We expect that to double to 28M contacts and 2M companies by Summer 2015.

Email Deliverability
We have also just partnered with BriteVerify in order to improve email bounces. We expect to get our bounce percentage below 10% within the month.

CRM/SaaS Integrations
We have integrated with SugarCRM, Salesforce, Zoho, Toutapp and Insightly. You will see this export button around the site.


Which tools do you use? Which CRM or SaaS tool do you want us to integrate with?

Study: Save 1.5 hours a day

You want more time during your day… So do we! If you are a sales pro and any professional that is in charge of getting new customers we know that you spend A LOT of time researching prospects, finding contacts, deciphering email formats, etc. But how much time do you really spend on sales research? We decided to do a survey of our current clients to find out how much time they currently spend on sales research and how much time they previously used to spend before joining Lead411. Here are the findings…

#1. On Average our customers USED to spend 2 hours & 56 minutes a day on sales research.


#2. On Average our customers NOW spend 1 hour 19 minutes a day on sales research.


So, on average, each one of our customers saves over 1.5 hours each day on sales research. While that is definitely a strong amount of time savings our goal @ Lead411 is to make YOUR research time even shorter. The new data/features coming over the next few months should really help. In addition, please make any data and feature requests when you can.

To join Lead411 please go to our signup page.

Lead411 Named Top Performer in Sales Intelligence

G2 Crowd Spring 2014 High Performer Award

Lead411 was named a “Top Performer” by G2Crowd in its recently published Sales Intelligence report. The report compares aspects of Sales Intelligence products to help users select the best product, get the best deals, and set realistic budgets.

We were ranked above our direct competitors, which include companies like InsideView, ZoomInfo, Hoovers and Our satisfaction score was rated by users at 74, which was the 4th highest overall, and considerably higher than those of our competitors (whose scores were below 45).

Sales_Intelligence_Scores_Large (1)

Sales and Marketing People On The Move – 6/7/2013 to 6/11/2013 recently appointed Eamonn Flynn as the company’s new Regional Vice President of Sales. He will contribute to the team his decade of experience in the technology industry. Flynn had previously worked with companies in Silicon Valley. There’s more about his appointment on this news link.

LynuxWorks recently named Lee Cresswell as the new Director of Sales EMEA for the company. He had most recently worked as Director, International Sales at Real Time Innovations Inc. Cresswell had also worked with companies like Certicom, Novell, Nexthop, Dexterra and Texas Instruments. There’s more about his appointment on this news link.

George Stromeyer was recently designated as the new senior vice president of worldwide sales for Harmonic. He was most recently with Cisco, where he served headed sales efforts. Stromeyer had also worked with Scientific Atlanta’s Latin America business as managing director. There’s more about his appointment on this news link.

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Infer Inc. Acquires $10M In Series A Funding

Infer Inc. takes the year’s second quarter by storm as they have recently acquired an impressive total of $10 million worth in Series A funding. This particular round was led by Redpoint Ventures. In participation as well were angel investors, Social+Capital Partnership, and Andreessen Horowitz. Sutter Hill Ventures also made an investment.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Vik Singh, shares more about this recent funding in this e-interview with Lead411: Read More