Account Settings

How do I cancel?

If you are paying subscriber, login and then you can cancel here.

If you are a free member, login and you can cancel here.

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How do I upgrade my subscription?

Go to our pricing page and click “Signup” or “Upgrade” for the service you would like.

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How do I add a new user or team member to my account?

If you are an Enterprise customer and you have more seats to allocate please go to my team.

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How do I edit my territory for the daily leads email?

You can edit your geographic territory, the types of news events and the companies you track by going to your Daily Leads Configuration.


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How do I call/email support?

If you can’t find your answer within our faq, please email to support@lead411.net or call 805.896.1376.

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What is “IT Intelligence” within the company profiles?

We have collected technology intel about company websites. What ad networks they use, which marketing automation software, crm, O/S, host, etc. For example, walmart.com may use Marketo, Salesforce, or Google’s Channel Intelligence. We let you know what they use.

Within our Enterprise subscription you are able to build lists of companies/people that use certain technologies.

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How can I retrieve and edit my saved searches?

Click on the folder icon in the upper left hand side of the menu bar to see your saved searches.
You can edit your saved searches here.

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How do I search for a company?

See the upper right hand search box…


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