Where to Publish Professional Papers

With Google’s new Panda algorithm, many companies are wondering if it’s still worth it to put out content. I’m here to tell you it is. While you should be blogging on your own site, there are other places you can post your documents, presentations and whitepapers, which can, in turn, generate leads for you as well as make you some income.

Fund-raising and self-publishing (the open source way), Part one

1. Docstoc

In full disclosure, I write for Docstoc, but even if I didn’t, I’d include them. The magic here is twofold: you can search for templates or samples of business related content (think wills, contracts, agreements), and you can host your own. So you can upload, say, a whitepaper that includes a link to your website, and put it in the appropriate category with solid tags. People will find it and that will lead them to you!

2. SlideShare

SlideShare does just about the same thing as DocStoc, except it focuses on presentations. You can include a bio here with your link. Focus on presentations that people might be searching for online, like “how to create a killer presentation.” You’ll provide value to searchers and they’ll remember you.

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One Article, Many Channels

If you’re not currently using content as a marketing tool, why not? The power of the written word combined with the social tools available on the internet make any writing you (or a representative of your brand) do extremely valuable. Here I’ll show you how a single article can be chopped up, mixed around and spit out in different channels to maximize efficiency.

1. Start With an Article

It should be on a topic that solves a problem or educates your target market on something in your industry. Maybe it’s an article about writing articles for small businesses and startups Winking smile. Or tips on home grooming pets for a pet groomer. How to create a podcast for an audio recording service. The list goes on.

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Lead411 Recognized By Technorati On Its Top 100 Small Business Blogs

The Lead411 team recently got some exciting news.

Tehcnorati.com, a leading blog search engine and directory, has recognized the Lead411 blog amongst its Top 100 Small Business blogs. With posts resulting from industrious research, relayed through quality, well-written online articles, Lead411 makes its mark online as a reliable source of valuable marketing solutions.  Avid readers, as well as sales and marketing professionals who link to Lead411′s posts, have also helped in gaining this recognition.

Technorati indexes millions of blogs in a variety of categories which include lifestyle, sports, politics, businesses, and many others. The small business category in itself numbers to thousands of blogs.

Lead411 as part of the Top 100 Small Business blogs on Technorati

This is why being ranked amongst the Top 100 in this list by Technorati is a proud moment for Lead411, which aims to provide sales and marketing professionals with updated and quality information to help improve their marketing ROI.

Check us out on Technorati’s Top 100 Small Business blogs here.