Is Google + For You?

Just what we need, right? Another social network to post updates to. While Google doesn’t have a great history in the social media world (Wave and Buzz both failed), people are starting to pay attention to Google +. On the surface, the new social networking site is similar to Facebook. You can post updates and connect with other people, and very recently, Google opened the doors to Business Pages. But after that, the two aren’t much alike at all (at least today).

With Google +, you can put people in Circles. So if you have a Circle for Friends, Co-Workers and Social Media Types, you can organize your contacts into these groups, and you can send messages targeted at each. Your mom probably won’t care about that social media blog post you want to share, so you can easily select the groups that do care and share the link with only them. Facebook has a similar option with Lists, but few people actually use it.

Another difference is that you can participate in Hangouts, which are video chats with up to 10 participants. I haven’t tried this (don’t really want to), but it could be interesting as a way to connect with virtual employees.

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