Book Review: The Millionaire Messenger

I’m always giving people marketing advice. I can’t help it. So when I saw Brendon Burchard’s The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice, I knew I had to read it. Burchard is the founder of Experts Academy, and helps turn people into consultants, so he knows his stuff. He gives great advice on becoming an expert in the book. His tips:

  • Find a topic people find valuable
  • Research it
  • Interview others on it
  • Synthesize what you learn
  • Offer your findings for sale so others can learn and improve their lives

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Corporate Growing Pains Interview

Q. What does your company do?

A. Our business is about getting the best out of people for the long term benefit of organisations and the people within those organisations.  We strive to have leaders achieve this while maintaining their business focus and passion.  Corporate Growing Pains’ primary focus is to remove passion bleeders and success barriers from organisations. 

We consider that people are the root cause…  that is to say, they are the root cause of success, failure and everything in between.   Consequently, communication is an integral part of every human endeavour and our goal is to marry leadership, communication and systems to be supportive and complementary to each other. Putting that a different way, we strive to illuminate the drivers of passion for all to see and pursue, and provide systems and advice for greater success.  We do this by understanding the leadership of the organisation and ensuring alignment of strategy and organisation with that leadership, and we execute this in a myriad of ways including:

  • Planning development and workshops
  • Recruitment, retention and development plans
  • Relationship and reputation building
  • Innovation and creativity systems
  • Leadership and management model design and implementation
  • Establishment and start-up advice
  • Gap analysis
  • Speaking, presentations, training and workshops

Q. Who are your competitors?

At the high end of town competitors are the pricewaterhousecoopers of the world who are all things to all people

In the middle we are endeavouring to identify who really offers what we do in the way that we do.  We seek clients who understand the influence and importance of passion and want to have their people tune into that too.  To that end, we are sure there are others out there, however, we’re not seeing a lot of similar offerings in the marketplace.

And at the small/micro competitive zone, there has been a proliferation of ‘business coaches’ and ‘business improvement consultants’ in the last few years.  Many of these are individuals who wish to remain as sole traders.  Another significant proportion have turned to a franchise model, tying the providers to certain methodologies and standards of service. 

On the other hand, we are currently micro with a view to becoming at least a medium sized business.  We wish to create a space working with people who fundamentally believe that passion makes a difference to lives (self and others) and seek ways to challenge themselves and others to grow, lean and create in view of that.    

What percentage of your marketing budget are spent on the following?

  • Advertising -10%
  • Social Media Marketing 30%
  • SEO –  0%
  • Public Relations – 30%
  • Direct Marketing – 10%
  • Other – 20%