How to Run a Team of Welcomers

I just finished reading The Welcomer Edge by Richard Shapiro, and I got a lot out of it about customer service. We’ve all come to expect our experiences with call center reps, cashiers and customer service agents to be bad, based on the fact that many of them are. But think back to one or more times where you were pleasantly surprised by your interaction at a business. Maybe the cashier asked how your day was going (and meant it). Maybe when you called a customer service hotline, you actually got to speak to a friendly human being. Whatever your experience, I bet it stuck out in your mind.

Shapiro calls these people “Welcomers.” They’re the ones who make you want to return to that business. The ones that make you feel at home in a store. The people who make a business successful. He says that no matter what type of business you have, you can have Welcomers on your staff.

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Why Aren’t You Listening to Your Customers?

Recently I returned to Dell headquarters in Austin to participate in the company’s Consumer Advisory Panel for the second time. Dell wanted to know what customers (specifically those of us who blog and talk about brands like Dell on social media) think of Dell.

It was an amazing opportunity to be heard as a consumer. A year ago, our group made suggestions for improvement to customer service, brand messaging and the website. This year, they delivered. They updated us on their efforts to make our requests a reality. It’s a powerful feeling to be heard.

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