Sales and Marketing People On The Move – 8/7/2012

Daegis recently designated Charles “Chuck” Pindell  as the company’s new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was previously with iCONECT Development, where served as their Vice President of Global Sales. Pindell will contribute to the Daegis team his comprehensive experience in the field of marketing, business development, and executive-level sales, spanning two decades.  There’s more about his appointment on this news link.

Groupon recently promoted Kal Raman as the company’s new SVP, Global Sales and Operations.  He will be handling the EMEA and APAC regions along with the Americas.  Raman was formerly their SVP for the Americas. There’s more about his appointment on this news link.

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The Social Reach of Coupons

Think offering coupons loses your business money? Think again. According to eMarketer, 49% of adult internet users are using online coupons, and moms are twice as likely as women without children to search 10 or more coupons sources each week. And while you may lose a bit of money to get people in the door, there are other benefits you realize from using coupons.

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Your Social Media Presence Gets a Boost

Even if you’re not big on Twitter, purchasers of your daily deals or online coupons are. Sites like Groupon and Jasmere make it simple for people who buy daily deals to instantly share them with their social networks. If others buy the deal, the original shopper gets bucks to spend on another deal. Quite an enticement for the budget-conscious shopper.

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6 Trends to Consider for Your Business

It can be hard to know which of the many trends in technology or marketing are going to stick around, and which you should use to grow your business. Here’s my pick.

1. Social Media

No longer a trend, social media is really a requirement for any business, in my mind. But I could be wrong. Assess who your target audience is and find out if they are on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If they are, you should be. No excuses.

Best Thing About It: It’s free if you do it yourself.

2. Groupon

I’m still on the fence about Groupon, but if used correctly, it can be a boon to your business. Make sure you can afford to execute your deal, and have a plan for getting customers back in the store. I’d actually probably suggest starting with the Groupon knockoffs, as they may give you a better cut of your deal.

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Variety of Companies Take on Fund-raising Efforts For Japan Tsunami Victims

There is no denying how the world will never forget the 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by one of the most destructive tsunamis in recorded history that ravaged Japan last March 11.

The destruction caused by the tragedy left hundreds dead, with the numbers rising every day. Those who were lucky enough to survive the tragedy still face what seems to be a nightmare that never ends. Many are homeless, a lot of people are still unaccounted for, and there is an increasing lack of food and water supplies, not to mention the impending threat of a nuclear meltdown in one of the country’s power plants.

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Skype Takes On Advertising

Skype is the new generation’s greatest innovation on communication. It makes getting in touch with friends and family all over the world fast, convenient, and affordable.

And like with any other amazing online invention, change is inevitable. And this time, change for Skype includes advertising. So do not be surprised if you start seeing ads on your Skype tool’s home tab by next week.

This is how ads may look like in Skype for Windows. Source:

These advertisements will initially be appearing in the US, UK, and Germany markets.  For those who are not really fans of pop-up ads, you don’t have to worry. Skype promised that their advertisements will not interrupt you from enjoying your Skype experience. They also ensure users that their homepage will not be bombarded with ads, as they initially plan to showcase one ad from one brand per day in each of the markets where advertising is being sold.

Relevance is also key to advertising on Skype. They have partnered with great advertisers like Visa, Groupon, and Universal Pictures, so you’re sure to find something you can relate to, and actually use.

They may also be using some non-personally identifiable demographic data from their users (e.g. location, gender and age), to ensure that the ads will be relevant. However, if you’re not comfortable in sharing these information to advertisers, you can opt out of it by making changes through your Privacy tab in Tools ▸ Options.

Skype has taken extensive measures to ensure that you still get the best out of this great communication tool even with the presence of ads.  Test ads from Rdio have actually been rolled out in the past couple of months, and improvements are continually being done.

You can learn more about Skype’s taking on advertisements through this blog post here.