5 Benefits to Your Business Celebrating Halloween

If you’re like many small businesses, Halloween is just another day. But injecting a bit of holiday fun in your office or store can have many positive results, both internally and with customers. Whether you go all out and wear Halloween costumes to work or simply decorate your space to attract customers, an ounce of “eek” can go a long way.

1. It Makes You Look Fun

Who can resist an appealing display of pumpkins and ghouls? By embracing the fall holiday, you can build rapport with your customers. After all, being helped by someone in an Angry Birds costume is guaranteed to evoke a response!

Even if you’re normally a very straightlaced company, letting your hair down (or wearing a green wig) for Halloween is a great way to show the personality of your brand. Read More

10 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season for Your Biz

I really should have written this post in July. Small businesses (or at least newbies) tend to underestimate the ramp-up time you need to get ready for the holiday season, especially if you’re in retail. But let’s assume you’re not in retail and there’s still time to prepare for the fourth quarter. Here’s what you should be doing today.

1. Set up your strategy. This is the big picture: will you be sending holiday themed newsletters and emails for the next six weeks? Sending clients cards and/or gifts? Marking down products or services? Use a holiday-themed approach to social media? You should take advantage of the fact that people are merrier (and more harried) during this season. Play up on the holiday thing to your benefit.

2. Start shopping for client gifts. The longer you wait, the more expensive these get, mainly thanks to last minute shipping fees. If you’re shipping food (cookies, chocolate), you may have to pay a premium to get the food there before it perishes. Look for discount codes for online stores that sell wine gift baskets, flowers, and other goodie gifts. The Entertainment Book has some great discounts that can save your business a bundle, and you may be able to find daily deals for gift sites as well. Pick a handful of your best clients and decide what your budget is. Remember: if they’re great clients, you can certainly afford to shell out $100 for a thank you gift.

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