Lead411 Recognizes Hottest Companies in San Francisco

The electricity in the exciting city of San Francisco goes up a few notches higher as Lead411 rolls out the list of the Hottest Companies in San Francisco.

This particular list is composed of the most innovative technology companies in the city, a result of the industrious daily scouring of more than 600 press releases, new office openings, business articles, and company launches by the Lead411 team. Out of the 3112 that were originally part of the list, it was condensed to the top 70.

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Lead411 Brings Hottest Companies Awards To San Francisco

Lead411 showers more warmth to sunny San Francisco as they award the most innovative and fast-growing technology companies in the area. The “Hottest Companies in San Francisco” originated from a list of 2600, which was later cropped down to the top 80.

The team at Lead411 industriously searched a number of press releases, new office openings, venture capital fundings, and company launches among many others.

In order to qualify, the company must be part of the Software, Wireless, Internet, Hardware, or Media industry. In addition, it should have acquired more than $5 million in funding within the past two years, or have a 100% increase in revenues in the same time frame.

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