Covestor Rounds Up $12.75M in Series B Financing

Covestor recently gained $12.75 million worth in Series B funding, bringing their total capital investments to a total of $28 million worth of financing. This particular round was participated in by Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital, Amadeus Capital Partners, as well as Bay Partners.

The company’s communications director, Ms. Kalen Holliday, shares more about this recent investment round in this e-interview with Lead411:

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Infer Inc. Acquires $10M In Series A Funding

Infer Inc. takes the year’s second quarter by storm as they have recently acquired an impressive total of $10 million worth in Series A funding. This particular round was led by Redpoint Ventures. In participation as well were angel investors, Social+Capital Partnership, and Andreessen Horowitz. Sutter Hill Ventures also made an investment.

The company’s CEO, Mr. Vik Singh, shares more about this recent funding in this e-interview with Lead411:

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Virtustream Secures $15M Worth of Series B Funding

Virtustream will be looking at more product development efforts as well as further expansion in the very near future. This is with the help of their most recent acquisition of $15 million in Series B funding. They have now raised an impressive total of $75 million.

On this particular round of financing, Virtustream also welcomed a new investor – QuestMark Partners. Previous participants like TDF, as well as Columbia Capital, Intel Capital, and Noro‐Moseley Partners also took part in this Series B round.

The company’s Chairman and CEO,  Rodney J. Rogers, shares more about this exciting news in this recent e-interview with Lead411:

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LaunchPoint Receives $3.5M in Series B Funding

LaunchPoint, which was just established in 2008, has already been seeing impressive growth in the past couple of years. And it looks like they’ll be experiencing more of this exciting progress because just last January, they have acquired $3.5 million for their Series B funding.

This particular round of financing was participated in by both new and old investors (from their Series A funding).

LaunchPoint’s Director of Marketing Michelle Smyth shared more about the company and their recent success in this e-interview with Lead411:

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Ryan Receives $100M In Syndicated Credit Facility

One of the largest tax services firm in the United States, Ryan has gained the confidence of investors in the financial community. And with its most recent acquisition of $100 million in syndicated credit facility, Ryan will be making more aggressive international expansion efforts.

This particular funding round was led by Bank of America, N.A., as well as Comerica Bank, Citibank, N.A., and Fifth Third Bank.

Ryan’s CEO, Mr. Brint Ryan, shares more information in this recent e-interview with Lead411:

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iDevices Lands First Round of Venture Financing

Apps innovator iDevices‘ eight months of hard work has paid off – they have acquired $150, 000 in pre-seed financing from Connecticut Innovations. According to iDevices, this considerable amount of funding will help them work on further product development.

Excited to know more about this recent funding? The company CEO Christopher Allen tells us more  in this recent e-interview with Lead411:

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Sangart Secures Series G Financing

Sangart has recently made known some great news. The company has acquired more than $50 million in Series G equity funding, giving them a total funding to date of over $230 million.

The most recent round was led by Leucadia National Corporation.

Their CEO Brian O’Callaghan shares some more information about the company in this recent e-interview with Lead411:

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Solvate Scores $4M in Series B Funding

Independent professionals and employers who use the services of Solvate would be thrilled to know that the company has acquired $4M in Series B financing from RRE Ventures , DFJ Gotham, and their CEO Michael Paolucci. They intend to use the fresh funds to enhance Solvate’s user interface as well as to expand its marketplace of talents and clients.

CEO Michael Paolucci answers a few questions about Solvate in this e-interview:

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

From Google Docs and Microsoft Office Live, to Yammer and Chatter, it is clear that people no longer need to be in the same office to work together effectively. But those services support work among people who already know each other. Solvate facilitates work between people who heretofore have not met; we’re the trusted middleware between such parties to work from afar.

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