Understanding Your Clients’ Buying Personalities

I’m reading The Effortless Yes by Julie Steelman, and am getting a lot out of the book about how to tailor my sales strategy.

I found it interesting that she categorizes customers to have one of three buying personalities. I can definitely see each of my clients fitting into one of these categories.

1. The Crystal Clear Buyer

Oh, we love the Crystal Clear Buyer. She knows exactly what she wants and makes the decision to purchase quickly and efficiently. They ask the right questions and respond to you providing answers. When they’re ready to buy, the process is fairly painless. We want more of these!

How to Work with a Crystal Clear Buyer

The best thing you can do in talking to one of these people is to exude confidence, says Steelman. Explain the benefit of working together, and be enthusiastic about working together. Create a dialogue, and don’t do all the talking.

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