Why Now’s Not a Good Time To Pitch PR

In my world, things shut down from Thanksgiving weekend to the New Year. That’s not to say I don’t work, I just work less. And that’s because so does everyone else. Unless you’re in retail sales, the holiday season is incredibly slow. People aren’t yet thinking about their business and marketing strategy for 2011: they’re wondering if there’s still a slice of pumpkin pie left in the office kitchen.

I discourage my clients from launching during this time period, or trying for any major PR (unless it’s holiday related). It’s simply better to do it before November or after January.

Reasons why?

  • People take long vacations around Thanksgiving
  • People take long vacations around Christmas
  • People take long vacations around New Year’s.
  • People are in the holiday mood and don’t feel like working.
  • The market is so focused on the holidays, they don’t care about anything else.
  • People are too busy drinking eggnog and eating reindeer cookies to check their email.

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What Does It Take to Launch a Startup?

You’ve got a great idea. Wonderful. But while it may be one that could make you millions, there are a few steps between your great idea and cashing that big check. Here are a few things you need to launch your startup.

The Technical Details

If you’re a big picture kind of entrepreneur, you might overlook the small things, like registering a domain name, applying for DBA status (doing business as) or opening a business bank account, but these are all necessary to be taken serious as a business.

Setting up email at your domain is also pretty important. There’s nothing that makes you look less professional than having a gmail or yahoo email when sending professional emails. Google Apps gives you Gmail for business, access to shared Google Docs and more…and it’s FREE. Read More