What an Entrepreneur Looks Like

While there’s not one single profile of what an entrepreneur looks and acts like, there are certain characteristics that are pretty consistent across the board. How many of these can you identify with?

This list is adapted from Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership, by Jeff Levy and David Nilssen.

1. Competitiveness. We’re not always competitive with others; sometimes we want to best ourselves. As Levy and Nilssen say in the book: “Entrepreneurs love winning. They see challenge as the journey and enjoy the victory as much as – or even more than—the actual reward.”

2. Decisiveness. My husband calls this characteristic in me “bossiness.” Many employees don’t like making decisions, because they know someone else will make them for them. That would be us entrepreneurs. We’re accountable for our decisions and try to learn from our mistakes. It’s been a lesson for me, but when we’re not defensive about our mistakes, we can identify the unique opportunities they present.

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