Lumoback Secures $1.1M Worth of New Funding

Lumoback, an innovative start-up that came up with the unique idea of a mobile app to help improve posture, has recently scored $1.1 million worth of seed funding.

The generous investment was participated in by Russel Siegelman, as well as  Innovation Endeavors and Morado Venture Partners..

Lumoback’s CEO Monisha Perkash shares more about the company’s recent milestone in this recent e-interview with Lead411:

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5 Mobile Sales Apps That Beef Up Your Game

If you’re in sales, you may not be in your office very frequently. You may work out of your car, and in days gone by, that meant not getting much done. But with the advent of useful business applications for the mobile device, selling is that much sweeter.

1. Pages

This Apple product allows you to edit and display documents on the iPad and iPhone. I envision using it to display a proposal or sales data in a meeting (using the iPad, in that case). It saves trees and looks pretty. Plus, you never have the excuse of having left your paperwork back in the office; you can access anything via the cloud.

Bonus: The program comes with templates for appealing letters, reports, flyers and posters.

Cost: $9.99

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6 Trends to Consider for Your Business

It can be hard to know which of the many trends in technology or marketing are going to stick around, and which you should use to grow your business. Here’s my pick.

1. Social Media

No longer a trend, social media is really a requirement for any business, in my mind. But I could be wrong. Assess who your target audience is and find out if they are on sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If they are, you should be. No excuses.

Best Thing About It: It’s free if you do it yourself.

2. Groupon

I’m still on the fence about Groupon, but if used correctly, it can be a boon to your business. Make sure you can afford to execute your deal, and have a plan for getting customers back in the store. I’d actually probably suggest starting with the Groupon knockoffs, as they may give you a better cut of your deal.

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Do You Really Need an App?

There’s an app for that. But does there need to be?

Every day more businesses come up with mobile applications. Apps that help you find their stores. Apps telling you what’s on sale. Apps that let you shoot bananas at monkeys. But do we all need to be in the mobile application space?

Absolutely not.

I think in 2011 we are going to see a slowdown in new apps coming out from businesses. Just like anything else, an app has to show a positive ROI, and I suspect many companies are realizing that just by jumping in the app game like everyone else doesn’t mean they’re increasing sales.

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PointAbout Inc.’s Got a Mobile Strategy for Your Company

He’s big in Germany (or rather his company is), and he’s not David Hasselhoff. His company spent virtually zero dollars on advertising in 2009, and yet raked in 2.3 million in revenues for the year. His company has won Webbys, and Seth Godin is a fan.

Meet Scott Suhy, CEO of PointAbout Inc. PointAbout is one of the finalists in Lead411’s Technology 500 roundup, and we wanted to get inside the head of this mastermind of mobile phone apps to see what makes him and his company tick.

Suhy’s actually got two businesses in one: on the services side, PointAbout Inc. provides end-to-end mobile application development. On the product side, AppMakr lets people DIY their own apps at a reasonable price. Both have thrived over the past several years (and though AppMakr has only been around since January, it’s growing like wildfire) in a burgeoning mobile app market. Read More