How to Be a Better Speaker

My first-grade son is working on presentations each week (in French, nonetheless), so we’re trying to help him be a better speaker. I guess it’s working, because he got a “check plus” on his last assignment! Here are some tips you can use, no matter what grade you’re in.

Sheila moderating social media panel at AWC Austin

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Even if you’ve talked on a topic before, go over it a few times for each presentation  you have. I make a point of going through my entire presentation, slides and all, to ensure that I know what to say on each and allow plenty of time for questions and comments throughout. The more you practice it, the less you have to use your notes.

2. Don’t Read Notes

Speaking of those notes, don’t use them. Consider them your safety blanket, but you should know your presentation well enough to not use them much. If you’re new to public speaking, you may want to start out using them, but the less you do, the more confident you’ll appear, even if it’s not true.

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