The Lowdown on QR Codes for Small Business

If you’ve noticed these funny, fuzzy little squares popping up on everything from magazines to business cards, it’s for good reason. They’re called Quick Response, or QR Codes. You can scan them from your mobile device, using a special app. What are they good for? The sky is virtually the limit. They’re a great, innovative marketing tool for small businesses.


Essentially, people scan the code to get more information. That might be a website, entry into a contest or additional information about a product. Here are a few of the ways people are using QR codes to promote their companies.

1. Business Cards

If you attend networking events or trade shows with a tech savvy set, you just might see a QR code on a business card. Since we all basically throw business cards away or store them in a big box, never to be opened,  having a QR code lets you scan it to get your new contact’s details, which you can then save to your phone or contact management system. Easy.

2. Books

If you’re an author, consider using QR codes on the back of the book to give people a taste of what they’ll find in the book. A sample chapter, information about the authors or a chance to win a copy of the book are all enticements worthy of your book’s cover.

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