Lead411 Study: Increase sales by 86.41%

Before Lead411 I co-founded an IT recruiting firm based in California called BlueChip Resources.   My primary task was to find tech companies to use our recruiting and staffing solutions.  After prospecting a few months I noticed a pattern with the companies that signed with us VS. the ones that didn’t. 80-90% of the companies who needed our services were really booming… they had raised VC financing, opened a new office, hired a new CTO, etc.  Of course, I changed my process and only pitched to these hot companies.  This made my close ratio go up about 200% to 400%. This is how Lead411 was created.  I knew that this was a method that everyone should use.  It makes sense if you think about.  If a company is flat or going downhill they normally tighten their purse strings.  The opposite is true for a fast growing company.

We recently sent a survey out to our customers to find out the ROI they get from targeting companies using our news events.  Here are the results.


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Lead411 Releases 2011′s Technology 200 List

And the wait is finally over… Lead411 has now released the much-anticipated list of  this year’s top performing companies – Technology 200! From an overwhelming number of 600 applications, the Lead411 team has narrowed it down to the cream of the crop, 200 companies that have manifested remarkable revenue growth, with at least $500,000 in income for the year 2010.

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How to Measure Engagement

One of the big debates in my industry (internet marketing and social media) is how to calculate the ROI of things like Twitter, Facebook and blogs. The problem is, everyone’s talking and no one’s paying attention.

Dollar for dollar, you CANNOT measure the ROI of these tactics.

There. I said it. Now, after the shock wears off, let me explain.

Say I see a tweet for a local restaurant, but don’t rush out to patronize it that week. However, three months down the road I happen to be in that area. I have a choice of several restaurants, but remembering that tweet, I elect to eat at that one. How do you measure that? I probably won’t tell the waitress that I’m there because of a three-month old tweet. Read More