Hottest Tech Companies in Florida List Rolled Out By Lead411

Summer season in the Sunshine State goes up a few notches higher as Lead411 recognizes the Hottest Tech Companies in Florida.

This particular list is a result of the Lead41 team’s daily research on more than 600 press releases, office openings, business launches, and more.  Florida is host to numerous innovative tech companies, and this Hottest Companies list actually started out with 329, which was later narrowed down to the best 19.

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The Hottest Companies In Georgia Gets Recognized By Lead411

The Peach State of Georgia will be seeing ‘stars’ as Lead411 rolls in the second quarter of the year by awarding the Hottest Companies in Georgia.

The Hottest Companies award has been ongoing for the past four years. And as part of this yearly effort, the Lead411 goes through more than 600 business articles, press releases, company launches, office openings, funding news, and much more on a daily basis to glean a region or state’s most innovative and promising tech companies.

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Lead411 Reveals List of Hottest Companies in DC

Lead411begins the second quarter of the year with a lot of excitement for DC, as the company announces the list of Hottest Companies in the DC area.

As part of the Lead411 teams daily tasks, they go through more than 600 pages of press releases, as well as venture capital funding news, business articles, and more. This particular list originated from a total of 389 organizations/companies, and has been minimized to the top 24.

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Lead411′s Hottest Companies in Austin Awardees Revealed

The beautiful city of Austin, is the center of attention of Lead411 activity as the list of Hottest Companies in Austin have been rolled out.

Every year, the team at Lead411 goes through an extensive selection of business articles, press releases, company launches, funding news, and much more to spot the most innovative tech companies in a certain region. This particular list was narrowed down to 31 from a selection of 435 dynamic organizations.

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Hottest Tech Companies in Boston Awarded by Lead411

Boston tech companies recently received some much-anticipated news regarding an annual award rolled out by Lead411 – the list of Hottest Boston Tech Companies is now out!

As part of Lead411‘s yearly drive to recognize a region’s most assertive companies, the team puts together information gleaned from more than 600 press releases, product launches, business articles etc to produce the list of Hottest Company awardees.

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Most Business Friendly Cities for Technology Startups

Thumbtack just released the results of their small business survey.  They surveyed 7K+ small businesses around the country to find out which states and cities are the most small business friendly.   We wanted to know what that meant for tech companies and startups so we took their raw data and filtered it down by their industry category of Technology/Creative.  The top 10 cities/metros are listed below.

#1 Jacksonville, FL
Although a great spot for small business, Jacksonville is not home to many successful startups.  One successful exit is Vurv Technology who was acquired by Taleo for $128M. 

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#2 Denver/Boulder/Co Springs, CO
Not only is this state/metro small business friendly, it also has the accelerator TechStars which is helping the tech community in Boulder really grow. Other notable startups include NewsGator and Rally Software.
Photo Credit: Sascha Bruck

#3 San Antonio, TX
San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. While it doesn’t have as many startups as its neighboring Austin, it does have a large public tech company – Rackspace.

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#4 Minneapolis, MN
The Twin Cities Metro area is number 4 on the list. on2 Technologies was acquired by Google for $106 Million and Code 42 software hit #24 on our 2012 Tech 200 list with $18M+ yearly revenues.
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#5 Raleigh/Durham, NC
Research Triangle Park has had numerous startups come out of its region. Recent ones include Right View Technologies, ChannelAdvisor, and ReverbNation.

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#6 Cleveland, OH
Most people don’t think about Cleveland as being a startup hub, but they have a few… SageQuest, Sparkbase, and ExpenseWire was acquired late last year.

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#7 Orlando, FL
Orlando has had a few successful startups. Highwinds has raised over $100M in venture financing and Voxeo’s revenue in 2011 was above $60M.

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#8 Portland, OR
Portland has a thriving tech startup scene. JanRain recently received $33M from Salesforce and did almost $10M in 2012 revenues. Other startups include Act-On Software, iovation, and Cedexis.

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#9 Dallas, TX
Dallas has a surprisingly large amount of tech startups. It must have to do with its 6.4M metro population. Softlayer, Xtera,, Woot, Quickoffice, and RealPage.

Photo Credit: Jean-Jacques @ wikimedia

#10 Austin, TX
More and more companies have been moving and starting in Austin. Google and Apple have recently announced building new large facilities in Austin. In addition, there are just too many to mention. Some of the largest include HomeAway, BazaarVoice, SolarWinds, and RetailMeNot.

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Lead411′s List of Hottest Companies in Silicon Valley Rolled Out

The Silicon Valley region is abuzz with activity this April, and the excitement escalates as Lead411 announces the list of Hottest Companies in the area.

On a daily basis, the industrious team at Lead411 checks more than 600 business articles, press launches, new office openings, and venture capital funding news among many others in order to  come up with a region’s best technology companies. Silicon Valley was a tough call, with the list starting at 3479 companies. It was later trimmed down to the area’s top 72.

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Lead411 Recognizes Hottest Companies in San Francisco

The electricity in the exciting city of San Francisco goes up a few notches higher as Lead411 rolls out the list of the Hottest Companies in San Francisco.

This particular list is composed of the most innovative technology companies in the city, a result of the industrious daily scouring of more than 600 press releases, new office openings, business articles, and company launches by the Lead411 team. Out of the 3112 that were originally part of the list, it was condensed to the top 70.

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