Are You Spending Enough Time on Product Development?

If you sell products, you know that product dev is the most important part of the equation. Spend too little time on it, and you risk putting out a product nobody wants, or worse yet, one that’s unsafe. So many companies are quick to rush a product to market just to start seeing revenues that they overlook valuable facets of this period.

The Fuzzy Front End

I’m not even sure where the term Fuzzy Front End came from, but to me it reminds me of when I look at something without my glasses on. Everything’s just a little out of focus (okay, a lot out of focus). In product development, you start with an idea. It can be raw and rough around the edges. In the Fuzzy Front End, you work on that idea. Figure out if it’s viable. Determine if anyone will buy it. You may start with Idea A and end up with Product G by the end, and that’s okay. Allow plenty of time for working through the idea, and don’t be married to it, or you might miss out on something better (a la Twitter).

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