Variety of Companies Take on Fund-raising Efforts For Japan Tsunami Victims

There is no denying how the world will never forget the 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by one of the most destructive tsunamis in recorded history that ravaged Japan last March 11.

The destruction caused by the tragedy left hundreds dead, with the numbers rising every day. Those who were lucky enough to survive the tragedy still face what seems to be a nightmare that never ends. Many are homeless, a lot of people are still unaccounted for, and there is an increasing lack of food and water supplies, not to mention the impending threat of a nuclear meltdown in one of the country’s power plants.

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From BlogWorld Expo Blog: Building Trust Through Social Media

This is an excerpt from a post I wrote on BlogWorld Expo’s blog.

Brands are quickly jumping on the bandwagon of social media, but unfortunately many of them don’t understand the ultimate goal: to build trust with consumers. That’s right: social media isn’t about getting new customers, sales or followers. It’s about showing that your brand is trustworthy and building a relationship with new and potential customers.

Misled Goals
Case in point: I was asking advice on Twitter. A guy representing his brand (I won’t mention him by name) responded with the answer, followed by a request to check out his company. I was instantly turned off. But rather than just ignore it, I decided to call him out.

I responded by telling him I appreciated his answer, but that it wasn’t cool Twittiquette to push his brand at me. He apologized, saying he was new at Twitter. I instantly forgave him and gave him a few tips for building trust on Twitter:

  • Offer links to interesting articles (not necessarily your own)
  • Answer people’s requests for help (he got that right)
  • Engage in and start conversations
  • Get off the topic of your industry and be human!


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Twisplays Interview

This interview was conducted with Joshua Persky, CEO and Founder of Twisplays.

 What does your company do?

We sell simple, inexpensive, one-line LED signs that display Twitter streams. We take Twitter out of the box.

Who are your competitors?

Forward thinking digital signage companies will try to compete, but they are mostly aiming at the high end video market, while Twisplays is aiming at the low-end digital ticker market, which is perfect for Twitter.

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Top Twitter Tools

With more and more tools that help manage your Twitter account coming online, it can be hard to know what’s worth using. Here are my picks for Twitter tools that help increase your efficiency.

1. HootSuite

Everyone’s got their favorite platform to easily view incoming @ tweets and manage multiple accounts. I love HootSuite. Why? It’s online, so I can access my settings anywhere (compared to something like TweetDeck, which is a desktop application). I can set up multiple Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare profiles, and send the same message through all those channels. And I can schedule tweets, which is a huge time saver.

You can also get analytics on individual tweets, so you can figure out what people are clicking on or replying to, and tailor your strategy from there. I also love their iPhone app. Same great features for mobile.

Cost: Until recently, HootSuite was completely free. Now the free account lets you have up to 5 social networking accounts and two RSS feeds set up. It says it’s ad supported, though I have never seen an ad, and you only get 30 days of analytics. Really, that’s all most of us need. There is also a $5.99/mo option with unlimited social networking accounts, Google Analytics integration and more.

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Why Auto Tweets Don’t Work

I was in a social media seminar the other day and I was horrified to hear the speaker (the social media expert, mind you) suggest the audience members use auto tweets to reply back to people who followed them. I wanted to rip the mic away from him and say “NO! Bad social media consultant!”

Here’s why.

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably gotten one of those auto DM (direct messages). You follow someone and instantly you have a message from the person saying, “Thanks for following me! Read my whitepaper on why I know so much about social media.” Or something to that extent. Essentially it’s a canned response, and one that encourages you to focus on them.

There’s the other tactic: “Thanks for following me. What’s your passion?”

Here the Tweeter pretends to want to hear about you. But it’s canned. Like a voicemail greeting. Not real. They don’t really care. Read More

Using Twitter for your Business

Twitter is a marketing tool to be reckoned with. It’s boosting web traffic and sales for many businesses, from the smallest mom and pop shop to major corporations like Dell and QuickBooks. Every business uses Twitter in its own unique way, but some of the more popular ways to use it include:

  • Customer service
  • Listening to what people say about brands and industries
  • Introducing new consumers to company’s products
  • Learning

The list goes on and on. The advantage of Twitter is that it’s instantaneous. You can offer your customers faster customer service than they’d get pressing 1, then #, then waiting for 30 minutes to get a problem solved on the phone. You can find out what people are saying about your brand simply by searching for your brand or keywords that relate to your products. You can jump into conversations and have meaningful dialogue with potential customers. Read More