Where to Publish Professional Papers

With Google’s new Panda algorithm, many companies are wondering if it’s still worth it to put out content. I’m here to tell you it is. While you should be blogging on your own site, there are other places you can post your documents, presentations and whitepapers, which can, in turn, generate leads for you as well as make you some income.

Fund-raising and self-publishing (the open source way), Part one

1. Docstoc

In full disclosure, I write for Docstoc, but even if I didn’t, I’d include them. The magic here is twofold: you can search for templates or samples of business related content (think wills, contracts, agreements), and you can host your own. So you can upload, say, a whitepaper that includes a link to your website, and put it in the appropriate category with solid tags. People will find it and that will lead them to you!

2. SlideShare

SlideShare does just about the same thing as DocStoc, except it focuses on presentations. You can include a bio here with your link. Focus on presentations that people might be searching for online, like “how to create a killer presentation.” You’ll provide value to searchers and they’ll remember you.

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