Lead411 Company Profile: Executives

Tom Blue


Tom founded Lead411 in 2001, and oversees most of its operations. Under his leadership, Lead411 has enjoyed strong growth in its database, users, and data gathering resources. Before creating Lead411 Tom was President and Founder of BlueChip Resources, a technical recruiting firm serving Silicon Valley and Southern California. After earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California...


Paul Bach


Paul Bach is Vice President of Sales at Lead411 and handles sales of our premium product, Lead411 Pro. During his tenure, annual Pro sales have nearly tripled, growing at an average rate of 35% per year. Paul also oversees sales, renewals, credit card payments, and email and phone correspondence from prospect to sale on all Lead411 products. Total sales revenues have more than doubled during Paul...

VP Sales

Jeff Kaplan

Executive Jeff

A Graduate of Northeastern University in 2001, Jeff worked for Cisco System's remote access group designing the next generation of DSP software for analog modem connectivity. In 2002 he moved to The MITRE Corporation where he found a niche in reverse engineering for national security programs. During his 11-year stay at MITRE he worked in a very small and dynamic team with hands on exposure to many different technologies. In this environment...

Chief Architect

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Tamsin Chance


Tamsin oversees marketing and communications at Lead411. She has over seven years experience working as a spokesperson, defining social strategy, writing press releases, Q&As and blogs and maintaining good relations with TV, online and print media. Prior to joining Lead411 in 2009, she worked as a public relations officer for Credit Suisse’s Asset Management, Equity Research and Fixed Income Research teams as well as Credit Suisse’s global...

Director of Marketing

Brad Robertson


Brad is a seasoned technical executive and entrepreneur who has been involved in Internet startups for two decades. Prior to his work at CX Brad co-founded and developed Bizavo.com, an innovative executive and company deep web (invisible web) search engine. Brad spent more than 8 years in the automobile industry, serving as President of All Set Auto Repair (ASA) and Director of Technology for SmartMove Auto (SMA)...


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