Survey Statistics

Just like last year we wanted to look at the reasons behind these companies success. How were the Tech 200 able to grow so fast?

What ROI do you receive from your marketing efforts?
SEO was #1 in our Marketing ROI poll again this year. Followed by Email Marketing and Tradeshows. It seems every year that the top 4 are SEO, email marketing, tradeshows, and and online ads. We added a new category this year which is Content Marketing & Blogging. That took 5th place with 36% ROI. Traditional Advertising took the bottom spot again this year. No surprise.
How many full-time people do you have 100% dedicated to the following functions?
This year we really wanted to see where these fast companies were putting their sales/marketing dollars. On average, each Tech 200 company has 7 employees who cold call and email, 2 that handle SEO, and 3 that focus on Content Marketing & Blogging. While SEO/Inbound is becoming a more common full time role, general sales people still outweigh that function.
What is the key to your company's success? Producing a great product/service or producing great sales/marketing?
These results surprised. We were expecting 95% of companies to list a "great product" as their reason for growth, but it appears that sales/marketing is a great indicator of success for 25% of the companies. It appears that both are important.
What CRM software does your company use?
This year we wanted to analyze which SaaS tools the Tech 200 were using to grow and manage their customers. Our first SaaS category is CRM. Not surprisingly, Salesforce took 50% of the market. Because the majority of the Tech 200 are startups this really shows that Salesforce is the new industry standard.
What marketing automation tool does your company use?
Eloqua seemed to put Marketing Automation software on the map, but since then it has exploded. Companies like HubSpot, Marketo, and recently acquired Pardot took the category to a new level. Marketo inched out the top spot, but Hubspot and Pardot are close behind. Oracle's Eloqua and Silverpop round out the top 5.
What email marketing tools does your company use?
Email Marketing SaaS solutions have been fairly popular since the late 90s. According to our survey, bootstrapped MailChimp and public company Constant Contact take the top two spots in this category.
What other tools do you use?
We wanted to see what other SaaS tools these fast growing companies use to help their sales/marketing. SurveyMonkey was used by a whopping 61%. We also see that Hootsuite dominates the social media management space - far above Sprout and Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. Not surprisingly, SEOMoz(now Moz) is the top brand in SEO.
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